Mark your calendar! June 19th is the MITA AZ Monthly Networking and Industry Event!

Attend the MITA AZ monthly meeting for special guest speakers and presentations about all of the things that matter most and have an impact on the Medical Marijuana Industry in Arizona, industry education, product highlights and launches, goodies from vendors and more!

Space is limited and Tickets for the event sell out quickly, please be sure to RSVP to reserve your seat

Networking Before & After Event  &  Private Patio Access

5:00 PM – Doors open at 5pm – Networking time / social hour
6:45 PM – Industry Announcements
7:00 PM – Dose of Education Series: Presented by Derek Espinosa of Baked Bros.
7:30 PM – Panel Discussion: Will Cannabis Farming cross-pollination ruin Arizona’s MMJ crops?

MITA hosts three industry leading experts to discuss how Cannabis Farming will affect the medical marijuana industry in Arizona. Panel Moderator: Mikel Weisser

8:00 PM – Conclusion – More Networking


***Please note that the MITA Mixer doors do not open until 5pm. The Found:RE Hotel has The Match 

full service restaurant and lounge which we highly recommend for anyone arriving earlier than 5pm.

Learn  more about MITA-AZ online


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