Vapen MJ Affirms No Vitamin E Acetate in Vapen Products

(“Vapen MJ”) a fully integrated agricultural technology, services, and property management company in the regulated cannabis industry, today issued a response to concerns regarding Vitamin E Acetate.

Vapen MJ wants to assure consumers that its products are made with 100% distilled cannabis oil with a very low amount of terpenes for flavor and strains that do not contain Vitamin E acetate. Vapen MJ has verified with our suppliers that the “diluting and thickening agents” used in black market products are not present in any of Vapen MJ’s products. Vapen MJ does not manufacture nor sell any products that contain nicotine.

Vapen MJ’s vertically integrated business through all products the company produces; flower, edibles, concentrates and manufacturing processes are intentionally designed to insure a high-quality, consistent, and clean product. With our focus on product quality, particularly the removal of solvents and impurities, Vapen has established a reputation for a premium, pure, and safe product that consumers value. Vapen’s strong brand reputation is built upon this commitment to quality and purity.

“We are saddened by the reported vape-related illnesses, and find the recent news very distressing. The health and safety of our customers is our greatest concern and at Vapen MJ we strive to produce clean and safe products subject to rigorous testing and compliance,” commented Thai Nguyen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vapen MJ. “In addition, we hold all our suppliers and partners to the highest compliance standards. We operate in a regulated industry and believe that the longevity of our business is tied to compliance with the regulations and requirements that allow legal and regulated cannabis.”

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